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Who We Are

Nappy Goat Farms is a family owned and operated company that was created to bring high quality products to those individuals who not only expect more but demand it. When you become our customer, you're not just a sale or a number you become a Nappy Goat Farms family member. We want to know the positive impact our products have had in your lives, and we want to share in your goals, achievements and accomplishments. Our customer service foundation starts at what can we do to make your experience with our products the best it can be from consistently asking how we can improve to our website newsletter that gives our customers interesting information on not only mushrooms but many different health and wellness related topics. Knowledge that will help our customers live a healthier, happier life that is not only longer but also a higher quality of living as well. Our products have

health benefits for consumers of all ages from 20 and 30 somethings to the middle aged to our seniors from executives looking to build a healthy lifestyle with a clean energy boost to top athletes looking for that competitive edge and everyone in between. Nappy Goat Farms wants to partner with you along with healthy eating and exercise to build that healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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